I really don't know where to start, you see my life is full of major events--spiritual events-- two major car accidents--the death of two child--two ruined marriages-- prison-- a major drug overdose--life on the street twice--the near death of my second wife and youngest son--the events surrounding my father's death-- and other events and situations that ,that were cute,some funny and some serious.Each event or combination of events leads me to have to start over again usually with just two suitcases.Starting out anew has become second nature to me,as normal as breathing or eating or going to the washroom.I'm now 61 and I have been living at my current address for over 5 years, the longest I've ever lived in one place in my life.I've worked many different types of jobs-- building demolition-security--food serves-mining-hotel night audit-cab dispatching-i even tried bank robbing--within most of those jobs there were several different phases.Another set of major events happened around health issues, a badly broken leg, several broken noses.several concussions over( 10)(,4) knee surgeries, before both knee's were replaced, about with hep A,2 ulcers, nervous breakdown .the aforementioned drug overdose and even the events around my birth, about of something that was never explained, plus the usual sprains and strains,bumps and bruises colds and flues.Again these events were part and parcel of my starting over processes.So where oh where do I start? g good question!
--witnessing a suicide----
seeing two traffic accidents, with death involved---
my father's and mother's poor health
seeing a lesbian rape of my babysitter---
seeing a body that was in the water for 6 weeks
finding the body of my favor pet cat that had been shot --The move from COLLINGWOOD to FT, ERIE.
my older appearance that let me play with the big boys when I was too young to,
gray hair in early teens and the fact I stopped growing at 12