My first wife--when things finally fell apart she blamed me entirely.When I started to get back on my feet, I went to her to ask for forgiveness, she said no.So I went to each of the boys and made my peace with them, everything was settled I thought.When she heard, from the boys about our talk she told them both I was a con artist and not to believe me.When I started dating 6 yrs later, she found out who I was dating, went to her and told her all about me, in her opinion.Some truth, some half truth, some out and out lies, even though she had been in a relationship within days of our breakup.I was honest with my second wife and told her everything, she was very quickly able to discern what was what.When I finally got married for the second time, I used both of the boys as best men, my ex-showed up at the fitting for the tuxes.She then turned the boys against each other, to cause a fight between them, in an attempt to cause as much trouble as she could to disrupt the wedding.That failed so she got my youngest son to call me and tell me if I git married he would not let me see the grand kids.She also told my youngest son, that he wasn't mine.He believed it until his oldest one was 6 yrs old.0ne day we had him and his family over for dinner, we were going though some family photos,Ashely picked one out and asked her dad, when they had a recliner chair,she swore up and down that the picture was of him holding a football,it was me at her dads age,we looked identical.He then realized his mother had lied to him.Over the years, the boys have told me, on several occasions, that their mother was the one with the problem, not me.She believes that all of her problems are someone Else's fault, she put all the blame on me.I added to this by taking all the responsibility.In my attempt to ,[bury the old man] and forgive I've had a struggle when the other person won't except my apology, I've come to long ways, but reading PS 109 and the explanation, I've been able to understand,that my responsibility ended when i made an attempt to make things right.Ivor would push my button's until i stuck back,then he would blame me for all his troubles and attack my walk.
The other case,was someone from my past,I'm not sure who,thinks i wronged them i some way,i know not how .Tried to get back at me by using slow learners and developed handicap people,to attack my wife,when he was with child,these attacks nearly lead to both of their deaths.The only thing that saved them was GOD and the doctors at ,Mac U,hospital.WITH A C-SESSION at 32 week.She was told to stay on complete bed rest for 20 weeks,every time i left the apartment some would come to the door, to make her get up,with some lame excuse.People bang on our windows would at all hours of the night to keep her from getting rest,These attacks and her concern for our unborn child lead to her blood pressure to go up to 200/110,that's when the doctors decided to go in and perform the c-section I caught one of the attackers one night and told him if the baby or my wife dies,I'll treat like the double murder,he laughed and struggled his shoulders, as if to say" who cares"When i tried to straight it out, the message i got back was tough" it's too late"I've also receive messages that this is my fault,it's pay back for whatever.The difference is this time is I WILL NO LONGER TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for the actions of others and PS109,tells me i don't have to any more.I've had a history of taking responsibility for things that were not my problem,to try and make things easier for others.Like i was the one who had to "save"them
i believe that this is some of what GOD meant,when he said,"I'm going to heal you"