FEAR PT[ 2]*-

When fear has control GOD IS THE ONLY ANSWER. HE is only who can break the cycle of fear.Without GOD, we are at satan's mercy, at the mercy of someone who has no mercy, the ultimate TROUBLE.Satan is on death row, with nothing to lose, he knows there is no hope for him, he has nothing more to lose.HE HAS LOST IT ALL.The most dangerous, being is someone with nothing to lose.GOD IS THE ONLY ONE, with the power to stop him and him, know it.That,s the bad news--now for the good
GOD, GOD IS THE ONLY ANSWER, HE defeated satan at THE CROSS, the bruised heel, crushed the head of the snake"I don't know why, GOD allows satan to roam free today, but HE DOES.One explanation may be, HE wants us to make up our own minds, FREEDOM OF CHOICE, HE wants us to choose HIM freely.JOB tells us that, if GOD gave us everything, we would follow HIM, because HE bought our love with things, riches of this world.GOD WANTS US TO FOLLOW HIM BECAUSE WE LOVE HIM, NOT BECAUSE HE CAN GIVE US WORLDLY WEALTH.HE WANTS US TO LOVE HIM ON FAITH OF HEAVENLY BLESSING.Faith is the opposite of fear, perfect love casts out fear--perfect love is, loving on faith, loving because we know a better day is coming.even though we can't see what wonders HE has in store for us in the hereafter.This maybe THE ANSWER TO WHY GOD ALLOWS, SATAN TO ROAM FREE TODAY.
The only answer to fear is faith, faith that GOD will see us through the rough waters.We have to believe that GOD has our best interest at heart when things seem to be at their roughest.One of the problems we face in the first world today is that we believe.we have a right to all the best things in life now.We think that HIS blessing should be for today, the best housing.the clothing, the food, our lives should be the best money can buy.When we see illness, poverty, strife in our lives we believe GOD has forsaken us, we get angry at GOD and lose our faith.we turn against GOD WHEN THE ROAD GETS TOUGH, when we should be praising him for giving us trials, to improve our faith thus bring us closer to him.We believe our heaven should be here and now.not in the hereafter.If you look at Africa there are many places were, RAISING THE DEAD is common, why not here.FAITH--people walk for days, braving many hardships, just to worship together, why not here no wonder GOD is working greatly there.
We are a society, which is dominated by fear because we don't have the faith to believe that GOD HAS OUR BEST INTERESTS AT HEART BECAUSE HE GIVES US A FEW MINOR TRIALS.This is why, this will be the best we ever have, while in the third world, it is the worse they will ever have.The only way we can change this is to praise GOD and thank HIM w hen the road gets a little bumpy.for troubles here are very minor compared to those of the rest of the worlds.----GOD BLESS.