"Once upon a time-"-is what the world may say, is a story that started in a stable two thousand years ago.This story has been told in many ways, by many different people.The ones who believe need no explanation, the ones who don't, no explanation will do.This story is about a man who was born in a humble way, from humble folks, in a humble place, a stable.This baby grows up to be the most important man who ever lived.He came to earth to save the world from itself.A world filled with lawlessness, hate, the lust of the eyes, the lust of the heart, lust of the flesh, many people died, were put into slavery or had their lives completely destroyed, because of greed.Greed for power, money, land, and control of other people's minds.The most difficult thing to do is to save people from themselves.Their ego and pride prevent them from seeing where they're lives are going, They get angry and fight back, some even resort to murder to get their own way. This is what happened to this man, he was sent to the cross to die a horrible death.A death that will be remembered as long as the human race exists.
The death of this man was ordained before time began.How do I know that this story is true because I've seen the results many times?A baby who wandered out of the house in minus forty degree temperature wearing only a diaper.This little girl was found several hours later by her mother, who took her to the hospital and survived.A man in Africa, who was declared dead in hospital, was taken to a church service and prayed for, came back to live.A man in Ohio who fell off a roof on Friday afternoon was taken to the hospital,x-rayed and was told his leg was broken.The emergency room staff put a cast on his leg and told him to go home until Monday because the surgeon had left for the weekend.Instead of taking him home, his family took him to church.The church had a small apartment at the back that used to be the pastor's home.The pastor organized prayer teams to come in and pray around the clock until Monday.On Monday morning, when he was taken back to the hospital, the doctor remove the cast.there was no bruising and no swelling.the doctor order another x-ray, the break was completely healed.The man walked out of the hospital and went back to work.All the doctor could do was to shake his head, he had no explanation.There are many stories like this,people missing a plane that crashed in flight A man missing a bus, because the driver didn't stop up the line for a coffee, like he normally would, because of missing the bus, the man missed an armed robbery in which, the robber and the man knew each other.Heaven only knows what would have happened if the two men would have met during the robbery.Finally, there was a 6 yr.boy who ran out of a church service in northern Ontario during the winter, without any over clothes on, in the middle of a snowstorm.The young boy has no memory of the next 3 hrs.3 hrs later the boy found himself walking down the street, a block away from home warm and dry.He then panicked and ran home.the young lad settled down very quickly and soon feel asleep wondering what had just happened.Many years later as a grown man he finally realized that GOD had looked after him that night, WHY he still doesn't know.These are only a few of the reasons I know the story of the birth and death of a man 2 thousand years ago is true.The man was THE SON OF GOD, who was born, died, and risen again to save us from ourselves and others.HE WAS THE LORD JESUS CHRIST, who came to earth as a man to save me and you.The most important reason I know is because THE BIBLE tells me so!!!A lot of people will never get to know the truth of that story until it is too late.A lot of people will take the" once upon a time" story to the grave with them, believing it is just a fairy tale, until JUDGEMENT DAY.IT WILL BE TOO LATE FOR THEM THEN.DON'T BE ONE OF THEM.GOD LOVES YOU, AND HE WAS BORN, LIVED, DIED AND Rose FOR YOU AND ME.