The spring after"THE CHRISTMAS", we had moved across the street, mom was back in the hospital again and dad was working afternoons.My sister, Grace and I were with a babysitter, Sandy.I had a big crush on Sandy I would do anything for her.Help her supper, wash the dishes, clean the kitchen, just anything.One night, sandy said she wasn't feeling well and went to mom and room to lay down, Grace was outside playing so I went to my room to do homework.A short time later, I heard a lot of screaming coming from dad's room.I when out into the hall and saw several teenage girls attacking Sandy.the one girl had Sandy's torn blouse in her hand.I started down the hall towards the bedroom, when one of the girls saw me and they all came after me.I turned and ran through my bedroom, out the window onto the porch roof, one of the girls started out after me and I started hollering for help.A lot of my neighbors were outside and a few came over to find out what was wrong.The girls then took off through the house and out the back door.I heard one of the neighbors say that there was a girl laying on the ground, at the side of the house.It was Sandy, she had jumped out the window.and broken her ankle, trying to get away from her attackers For many years I blamed myself because I was too scared to help her, I saw always taught, to help someone in trouble regardless.I was told many times, I did the right thing because I was outnumbered and overmatched.I guess that experience molded my thinking from that day on.Many years later, I finally stopped blaming myself, but I still believe, that we are our brother's keeper and we have a responsibility to protect those who are smaller and weaker than us.I guess, because of having an incomplete maturity, I thought that mean at any cost.Sandy recovered from her injuries and was back the following summer.I heard, the other girls had gone away and we would never see them again.I was told this for my peace of mind, but I was happiest for Sandy, those girls would never try to hurt her, ever.