Mom had leg problems, for as long as I can remember, her problems eventually turned into large ulcers all over her legs.This remained with her until she died.Dad's health problems were as a result of war wounds, suffered in WWII.His injuries brought on emphysema, which he died of in 1985.I wasn't born until 1948, I was the oldest, so I was, called upon at a very young age to help around the house, the chore that I took on with great zeal.I feel, that is I got"a servant's heart", it was there from the time I was 6 or 7.When was healthy, she would do all she could, and I would do the rest.As I grew up and became more efficient, I took on more responsibility.The older I got, mom was spending more time in hospital and dad's health was getting worse.A lot of the kids I was hanging with, where from broken homes, do to alcoholism.My situation was the same, only different.We all had the same responsibilities, of looking after younger siblings and our parents, but their parents problems were self-inflicted, mine were because of uncontrollable things like health issues.As a young " man", who saw his childhood disappearing, it became harder to see the difference, the cause was different but the outcome was the same.I was angry, but also, confused about my anger, I was angry because my childhood had been stolen from me while I also knew my parents weren't at fault and I regretted my angry.The only thing left for me was to transfer my anger to GOD and, blame HIM.So I did.Many years later, as my knowledge of scriptures increased and my life experiences increased, I finally learned that GOD did have a reason, for what I went through.I had an insight into other people's problems, an insight that would allow me to understand, as well as help others through their difficulty.The attitude I expressed, about mothers and fathers with substance abuse problems was that of a young "man" who knew all the answers, but didn't know any of the questions, that was how I felt at that time in my life.My life experiences since have taught me better.