Tony was an "elevator cat" one of the great many who lived around the grain elevators feeding on the mice and rats that inhabited the elevators.Every time I would go up there I would bring Tony something to eat.Tony would follow me around where ever I went.One day I asked dads if I could take the cat home, for a pet, he said no because there was a danger of me being attacked if I tried to pick the cat up.One day late in the season, I knew one of the ships were due in, so I went to the docks, as usual, this time, the ship was on a short turn-around, as soon as they were unloaded they would head back to the Lakehead for another load before winter set in.I knew enough that when the crew was on loading, it was too dangerous for me to be on board.Everyone would be busy doing their jobs and I would be in the way.I went to find Tony to give him the treats I brought for him.On my way home I looked back and saw Tony following me and he followed me all the way home.I told dad that Tony followed me, so could I keep him.He said O, K, but, because Tony was an outdoor cat he won't stay around long.Well, Tony did.Where ever I went Tony would follow.I soon fell in love with him.One day in October, while I was in school, Tony disappeared.I was disappointed but knew this could happen some day.Two days later Tony came back.a short time later, I found out that indeed I had given Tony the wrong should have been, Toni, her litter was small, only two kittens and they both died, in a few days.I changed her name to Toni.During the biggest snow storm, I can ever remember Toni was caught outside and she hid under the porch for protection.I had to dig a tunnel in the snow to get her after we heard her cry.In mid-winter, Toni disappeared, for the last time.I held out hope that she would come back, but she never did.In the early spring, i was playing in the field beside our house and found her body, she had a bullet hole in her head, I cried secretly for days.I took her body back to my backyard and bury her, with a wooden mark her grave.Toni was a Heinz cat, made up of many different breeds, some might call her ugly, but to me, she was, just a little different but pretty, in her own way.To this very day, i have had no desire to own another cat.I let my wife and kids have cats, but I never warmed up to them myself.I guess it is true that you never forget your first love, even if it is a cat.