After my second marriage broke up,i went into a short tail spin.This time however i was able to see where i was heading,in time to head it off.I spent about a year,just moving around flopping here and there,some of the places i stayed where less than desirable.If i didn't leave on my own,something would happen to give me a nudge.In 2003 a year to the day, of my marriage breakup.I found myself at a Toronto shelter,that Oct.was a cold wet month.I was on a waiting list to have my right knee replaced.My immediate future looked bleak.I was looking at spending the winter on the street,with a knee completely shot.My first night there,there was a fight over drugs and someone said the cops where on their way.I went into my bunk and prayed.GOD answered me ,by saying" i'm going to heal you".The next morning, the fellow on the top bunk told me that he volunteered at a drop in center,and he needed help in the library,he went on to say that the shelter had a housing worker and in my condition i would be put on the emergency list.In a matter of 8hrs.,my looked changed,from dire to sweet.Over the next few days i started to realize,that i was on a journey,with GOD driving the car.On my way from the shelter to the drop-in i passed a place that had wooden angels around the door.This peaked my interest,so i stopped in one day and found out it was a mission.In a few months i was there all the time,helping setup and attending church again.The mission had a connection with T.A.C.F.and we were all invited to all the conferences,free of charge.At one of the conferences i took a large hit from THE HOLY SPIRIT.The lie i had believed since i was a small boy was exposed,"THE HOLY SPIRIT ,WAS FOR TODAY,not just for the hereafter.I started to understand a lot of the things that kept happening to me.I wasn't losing my mind,GOD indeed was in the house.In mid summer 2006, i was sent to newlife church,were there was more emphesis put on scripture,and less on the manifestations of THE SPIRIT.In Jan. 2007 i decided to stay full time at Newlife .my journey was over for the time being.I don't know if this will be my last stop or not,that is entirely up to GOD,HE brought me here, HE'll have to move me on.