life in Toronto housing -

this is a tale that no one who has never been here, couldn't understand or believe
life here can be fun if you outlook is that of an optimist, and you don't take it too seriously.
if you do it will destroy you.
this is satan's playground,"ladies of the evening", drug dealers, addicts,ex-mental patients, bootleggers, police informers, who are dirtier than the ones they inform on, pedophiles,
and a lot of people who are trapped here because of health issues, old age, single mothers etc, who are just fighting to survive[not live but survive]
housing moved security out of the building, to save money, vandalism skyrocketed, false fire alarms increased over a hundred foaled[at 250.dollars a shot?save money,[yea sure]there are a few people like myself, whom have lived in far worse places, and know this is only a temporary stop in my that will end when I finish what I came here to do.I also understand the dynamics of fear, from both sides, having lived in fear and at certain times in my life have caused fear in others,sometimes just because of my presence and other times because I couldn't be intimidated by [schoolyard bullies], who believe that have the right attack women, single mothers, children and little old ladies.[real heroes and tough guys!!]only a very sick person would think this way, so I guess I should feel sorry for them,[it's hard to do]
I also know that satan will destroy his own and GOD WILL PROTECT HIS OWN."THEY ARE ON THE EVE OF DESTRUCTION"