pt 18------near death of my wife and son*-

Nadine, my second wife, she was exactly twenty years my junior.We were married for eleven years, when she finally got pregnant during that period of time nine children were born to our family members and friends.As each baby came along she would get more desperate.Our turn finally came, in the summer of 2002, at which time we also discovered why it took so long.She had a mass in her womb, that had grown to 3.8 kilos, one of her ovaries was in the middle of the mass.We did not find out that she was pregnant until she was seventeens weeks along.At seventeen weeks, Nadine had an ultrasound, that revealed the baby and a large mass in her womb.On the way home from the doctor's visit, I decided to take a detour and tell my #2 son all the news.A few blocks from my son's place there was a small plaza with a No Frills and a Zellers.To my way of thinking shopping is a four letter word and it is not love.Nadine told me that we needed something for supper and she wanted to go shopping, my cue to find somewhere to sit and wait for her.There were a couple of benches at the end of the Zellers store between Zellers and No Frills.I sat there bent over with my head in my hands,wondering if I was strong enough to support her, when I suddenly felt someone staring right through me.i just turned my head and looked at a man with a haunting smile on his face, my first thought was that he was trying to pick me up.I sat up and told him my wife was pregnant and, that was as far as I got.He stopped me and said "remember Abraham and Sarah, GOD wouldn't give you such a valuable gift, if HE was not going to help you look after it.The baby will be just fine."The fear then left me, we went home and against the doctors wish named the baby Joshua Issac.The doctor had warned against naming the baby or buying ant baby stuff.Over the next three weeks, we had several doctor's visits, she had four ultrasounds and an MRI.These tests revealed that baby was being pushed out, she was dilated 2 cm and the sac was protruding out.The mass had to be removed and it was at twenty weeks.The operation was a complete success when they checked the mass, they found cancerous cells in it, that hadn't taken root yet.The little man had already been responsible for saving his mother's life and he hadn't seen the light of day.We got a pretty good idea of how much trouble baby was in when they moved her into maternity after surgery, they told us that in there, there were enough nurses so she could be watched more closely.the next morning she was moved to the surgical ward, when we got there the ward was empty except for one other lady and there were two nurses on duty.A couple of days later, we were told she could go home, but had had complete bed rest.I was having a few health problems and wasn't working, this allowed me time to look after her.Our first night home the attack on us started and continued from there until I left and she went back to her mother's house.They were in the form of banging on the windows of our street level apartment in the early morning hours, every time I would leave people would come knocking on our door, forcing her to answer it.I caught one of the fellows one day and told him, his actions were in dangering the life of my wife and son, he laughed, shrugged his shoulders and left.the attacks then increased, to almost double.The attacks were done by slow learners and developmentally handicapped.I was also told that they were told, I was a bad person and GOD had given them permission, to do whatever they wished.The attacks plus the worry about the baby's health drove her blood pressure to200/110, At 35 weeks the doctors decided that they needed to take the baby via, c section.The attacks continued after the baby came home for eleven months until we finally broke up.