This chapter is filled with many lighter moments and, therefore, is more fun to write.My granddaughter was in kindergarten when J, I. was born.She proudly told her classmates that her uncle was in the hospital being born.her mates didn't believe her, in fact, they started to call her a liar.The teasing got so bad she refused to go to school.My wife, daughter-in -law and her teacher, came up with a plan, my wife would take J.I. in for show and tell.This worked like a charm.On the way home, Kacey was followed by every little girl in her class, even the ones she didn't hang around with.Kacey had gone from zero to hero in one brief moment.All the little girls wanted to come in and play with after we had made a safe place for all the kids, we let them go to it J.I.was in seventh heaven, he had all the attention that any baby could want.On our visits up there, has soon we were spotted coming down the street we were always mobbed by several little ones. wanting to play with him
The looks and comments we got were precious.among them, In the laundry mat, were no wonder we can't find men, the young chicks are stealing them all, to overheard in a mall.that can't be his, he's over forty, he can't do anything.One time going into hospital emerge, oh dear, you'll have to wait outside until your father gets undressed.The one I love the best came from my son, you can get married ,but you can't have any kids.J.I. was a blessing to many people before he could talk, he was primarily responsible for saving my wife's life, the team leader of his medical team, proudly called him, her little miracle. It is hard for them, when they lose a baby they thought they could save, but saving a baby they were sure, they would lose is a true blessing for them.
I have a friend who was a wrestler, he also played Santa in a large mall in Hamilton, until he had to quit because of severing nerve damage from many head injuries, he had a nerve disorder that would cause his arm to jerk violently back.Ted never had kids of his own and he love them.He was heart broken when he was forced to give up being Santa.We saw him on his scooter one, in the park, so I took J.I. over to meet him, The joy on his face for me soon turn a deep sadness, Ted and I figured out a way for sit on his knee safely,i told Ted to lift his arm back as far as he could,I then put the baby on his knee and crouched down at his side as low as i could get and still have control of J.I.J.I.had never seen a full white beard before and he was totally fascinated by it.He also had never seen a man that big before. .J.I. soon rested his head on Ted's arm still playing gently with his beard.You would have thought I had given Ted a million dollars when it was time for J.I. to come off Ted's knee, he didn't want to.As soon as the baby was safely in my arms, Ted sped away so I wouldn't see him crying.Yes, J.I.had blessed many people, in a very short time, I miss him a lot but I know he is in the best hands he could be in[ GOD'S]. I wouldn't change that for many things!!