GOD'S LOVE (you'll have what you need,when you need it-

Over the past 5-6 weeks, I've had health issues, it takes the form of a sore throat, loss of my voice headache, draining ears, ear aches, chills,sweats, generalized aches and pains, good days and bad, a lack of energy and general fatigue.It's more frustrating than anything.this is the bad news.
Now for the good news---GOD'S LOVE!!It's easy to say, if GOD LOVED ME, this would not be happening to me, but it is.I know this is minor, in comparison to the suffering of others.it is also minor, in the light of other things I've gone through in the past,[WITH GOD'S HELP!!] I consider myself very fortunate to know[ THE LOVE OF GOD] THIS GIFT--is something that everyone can have,it's free for the asking,satan tells me," GOD has forsaken you ,your all alone, just trust me and I'll get you through,life is not with living".he has told me so many lies, that he can't remember them all.This the fun part, watching GOD turn those lies around for HIS GLORY.When I hear them, it reminds me how many times GOD has helped me out, I'm never alone, that GOD is always there, HE will pull me through,[at no charge], and how much I want to hang around just to see what HE will do next.the truth is" I'll have what I need when I need it"just like so many times in the past.
GOD has removed the fear of the past.HE has shown me HIS love, grace and mercy, HE has also shown me, through, BIBLE stories, people I've seen, people I know and personal experiences, HIS LOVE.One day, when this is behind me, the what's, why and wherefores may be answered or not but that's OK.Knowing what my final destination is, any bump in the road is well with the trip.
. The most amazing thing is the fact that GOD'S LOVE is available to anyone who asks,HE has done many things for many people, for many years, from the beginning of creation until now and forever,some like me,who have taken their own paths and defined HIM and others whom have given their entire life for HIS service.THIS WHY I LOVE HIM SO, BECAUSE "HE FIRST LOVED ME AND HE HAS NEVER GIVEN UP ON ME, AS WELL HAS HIS PROMISE---" YOU'LL HAVE WHAT YOU NEED WHEN YOU NEED IT"
GOD BLESS--give GOD'S love to your entire family--don't forget to keep some for yourself