A few weeks after a near confrontation I was asked by my would-be opponent--who are you?==what are you?
Two questions at the time I didn't know the answer to.I have since learned the answer to both questions.I am a child of GOD.As a child of GOD, I have certain rights and obligations.my rights are, I have an open door to the HOLY SPIRIT at any time anywhere, the right to asked for HIS favor whenever I feel I need it, the right to pray for someone else, with a reasonable expectation that the prayer will be answered.I also have the right to expect to comfort in times of sadness, the right to healing when I'm sick or hurt, the right to the love of THE FATHER anytime.My obligations are to love my fellow man, to love GOD, to forgive those who have wronged me and to do the will of GOD at all times. This is a very small price to pay for all GOD has in store for me here, now and later, as a member of HIS KINGDOM.GOD'S love is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow it never changes.I guess this is the answer to both questions.
The other questions I get a lot of is,"who do you think you are?" what do you think you're doing here?why don't you just go home?---the answer to these questions is a very simple one--I'm a child of GOD I'm here doing GOD'S work.It's not up to me to make that call, it's up to GOD when he calls me home, I'll be the first one on the bus, with a smile and praising GOD my greatest joy is knowing that one day I'll have a place in THE KINGDOM OF GOD.It maybe is a seat in the very last pew just inside the door, but I'll be there!!!! This I know because THE BIBLE tells me so.Scriptures tell us that there is no force that can separate us from THE LOVE OF GOD, satan can do all the bellowing he wants it won't change a thing," I'M HIS AND HE IS MINE"[GOD'S].I don't know when I'll see GOD, that's up to HIM, but that will be the happiest day I've ever or will ever have." satan is like a toothless lion, roaming the countryside to devouring, whom he can '.This could be anyone who takes their eyes off of GOD,-who starts to believe they don't need GOD'S love, understanding, guidance, help, and support.The ones who think they don't need anyone,{famous last words,"I've got everything under control}, that is the kiss of death!!!What that really means is, baby things are about to go into the gutter, man are you ever in trouble!!You have just given satan a large beachhead on your shore.LOOKOUT HERE IT COMES!!This is something we all do from time to time, getting back to GOD isn't easy, the longer we believe, we are capable of living without GOD, the more satan believes WE are his.He doesn't like to lose, he will fight with everything in his power to keep you captive.The only thing that can save is GOD.HE is not beyond testing your faith, but as THE BIBLE tells us{HE will not give you more than you can handle and he who endures to the end shall be saved.}For those of us, who have been out a long time the road back is long and hard, but not impossible.When GOD forgave PETER, he had to tell JESUS three times that he loved HIM, for the three times PETER DENIED HIM.Having said this I know that whatever I have to face HE will along side me through it all."The FOOTPRINTS IN THE SAND" poem says it best-{"I was carrying you my son"}this is who I am, and what I am. This is also, who I think I am.It is what I'm doing here, waiting on GOD to heal me, which is a work in progress, as for why don't I go home, I will some day!!, The day GOD calls me because I'm A CHILD OF GOD.---GOD BLESS --AMEN