A number of years ago god showed me,all the things he had in store for me.i could not accept it, because I did not believe HE could still love me.after all I had denied HIM, I had cursed HIM, I had rejected HIM, I had gone my own way, I had accepted every lie, satan had told me.I had done many things a prove that GOD had abandon me.During this time, He had looked after me in so many ways.i was know as the luckiest fellow still alive.i knew in my heart, that it was not true, God was keeping me safe.These events took several years before I finally decided that, maybe God did love me.but along came another lie,it was [if God hadn't spent so much time protecting me, I could have done many wonderful things for THE KINGDOM, the time he spent in looking after me, HE could have been training me.] This meant I failed again, not worthy to be a part of HIS KINGDOM.
One day, when someone came to me, asking for my help told them, that the answer to their problem was prayer.Prayer, what a wonderful idea, I wish I thought about that earlier.The very next thought I had was the words of a song--"-IT IS NO SECRET WHAT GOD CAN DO, WHAT HE.S DONE FOR OTHERS HE'LL DO FOR YOU, WITH ARMS WIDE OPEN HE'LL PARDON YOU IT