i was there on that fateful day,along time ago
i was carrying a heavy burden,a life time of woe
as i looked up,i asked a man:"who is he,that man on the tree?"
he scoffed and said,"why ,that's THE MAN FROM GALILEE
"what's he done,to die in such an awful way"
he teaches,that every man can pray,to have is sins washed away
the priest and rabbi are afraid,that their power and influence would be lost
if the common man's sin could be forgiven without paying THEIR cost

now I know, that on that day,a long time ago
my burden was lifted,that life time of woe
that burden was lifted,at the base of a tree
by a hanging MAN FROM GALILEE
now when I'm asked i will say
my sins were given and washed away
my soul can never be lost
because JESUS paid my cost