The first one happened on my way home from a friend"s place; there was a very sharp corner where the highway turned into the city street. As I was walking home I heard a motorcycle breaking behind me. I turned just in time to see the biker hit the guard rail and go flying through a billboard. The impact decapitated him. Three months, later on, our way back from my uncle's funeral, I saw little sister run under the wheels of a heavy dump truck, I called a baby cutely.
We had just pulled up, across the street from our house, I and my two sisters, Grace, and Betty, were in the back seat of the car.I got out of the car on the street side and Grace got out on the sidewalk side of the car, she came around the back of the car and challenged me to a race across the road and away we went.I just got to the other curb,went i heard my mother scream" wait for your little sister",As I turned I saw the front of the truck pass by me,then I saw Betty run under the back wheels, the truck driver didn't know he had run over her, because of the weight he was carrying.the car behind him stopped and dad picked Betty up and took her to hospital, in the trailing car.Everyone told me it wasn't my fault.I was only seven, but I didn't buy that argument, I know, I didn't wait for traffic, I ran across the road without looking first, and every time I would try and run away from Betty she would follow me.This was the hardest piece of writing to date I'VE been holding on to this for over 50 some years I thank GOD for giving me the hindsight to remember all of this and the courage to go ahead and finish writing it down.Suppressing this kind of stuff is far more damaging, than facing it, now I can finally put it to rest!!