Nadine, my second wife was 20 years my junior.The warning signs were there again from the start.Her mother was on the warpath from the day one.We kept our relation from her for a year, when she found out about us I was told she called the police and told them an old ex-con was molesting her young daughter.The desk sergeant asked how old her daughter was when she said twenty, the officer told her that, her daughter would have to make the complaint herself.For the eleven years we were together, my mother-in-law did everything she could to make my life difficult, in this case, the hurt person was the mother-in-law, Helen, She was very very bitter.Her husband was an alcoholic before he died Helen told him to make a choice between her and the booze, so he left her.To matters worse, a few months later he got off the alcohol but didn't come back.Helen then decided to file for divorce, coming from a very strong catholic family, her parents disowned her, when they heard about her intent to get divorced.During the divorce proceeding her husband died.She hated men in general, her only male friend was an openly gay man from her office.The day Nadine told her she was pregnant, Helen's answer was, unprintable, for mixed company, it started with, you stupid--and went on from there.I kept waiting for Nadine to step up and look after her relation, but she never did, and anytime I took a stand she would always side with her mother.In retrospect, I should have, left sooner.To add to our troubles my past caught up with me.One of my old enemies, who I still do not know, decided to get back at me, by trying to take her and the baby out.HER PREGNANCY WAS A VERY DIFFICULT ONE, for medical reasons as well as the attacks on our home.On thanksgiving Monday,2003, it was over.