pt( 10) (b) car accidents aftermath*-

This story is not quite over yet, the second leg is still to come.THE AFTERMATH
The fact that the car belongs to my father -in-law,(Ross), was the basis for some major conflict between me and my in-laws.The fact I was concerned an outsider from the beginning didn't help much either.I had to sue Ross' insurance company, a fact Ross supported wholly heartily. He saw it as I was attacking the insurance company not him.It was the only way I could ever pay off the massive hospital and other medical costs.The rest the family all saw it has an attack on them directly and let us know in no uncertain terms.Lynda's oldest sister, Fern was the only one who was on our side.In fact so much so, that after Lynda and I got a divorce, Fern asked me to marry her.I said" no".I saw her in the hospital a short time before her death, her last words to me were,"don't I deserve happiness too."Forty-two years after the accident, I'M still,"considered an outcast, a traitor", by the rest of the family.