.Several months later i had a very vivid dream,that left me in great fear.The dream was of me in a hospital room,maybe ICU, waking up with two nurses standing beside my bed,my leg was in a heavy cast and i had a head injury.The two nurse where as follows,one black,one white,both heavy set,one was wearing a blue uniform,the other a pink.This dream bothered me so much,i started to become too cautious at work and suffered a leg injury,after i was ready to go off of light duty,i was so shaken-up,i quit.I heard that a factory in Chatham was going to be hiring shortly,I left Sudbury and stopped in FT.Erie,for a vacation,before heading to Chatham,while i was in FT.Erie a few of my old friends and i went Buffalo to celebrate my birth.During that night we were involved in a major car accident,that left me requiring surgery,when i woke up in recovery,there where the two nurse from my dream and all the equipment that i thought would be in an ICU.Instead of running away from trouble i let fear drive me into it.Another event occurred several years later,we had a house fire and i ended up in hospital with a never explained ailment,Lynda had found us a new apartment,I asked to be let out so i could supervise on of the sites,when i walked in to the new apartment,i got a instant chill and had a flash of me leaving with a suit case wearing a yellow shell.i didn't own a yellow shell,but the feelings were so strong they were hard to ignore.One year later i was standing was standing at the door wearing a yellow shell with a suitcase in my hand,as i touched the door handle on my way out,i had a quick flash back,to a dream of a year before.
The strangest dream was strange, not only in content.but also format.It occurred over a five night period,A serial dream?? NIGHT 1-PART 1--I found myself in an old Victorian Manor,The ground floor, had all the inside walls removed.The only furnishings was a large bed in one corner.the rest of the room was filled with cats and unattended babies.The babies were walking around with dirty diapers hanging off some of them and some had no diapers at all.The room was littered with discarded dirty diapers and cat droppings.MY first wife was there,she looked just like she did the first day i saw her,with every hair in place and wearing the same outfit.I said "lets go "She gave the waitress smile and said"no",so i left.End of night one.
NIGHT TWO-PART TWO--It started as I walked out of the door into the street.The street was filled with old houses, that appeared to be alive and growing into each other, like plants that were planted too close to each other.The street was filled with naked young girls asking for sex and some of the kids were climbing up and down the walls of the crumbling houses.The streets were so crowded,there was no room to move without bumping into someone.I was so busy pushing the kids away from me, that I backed into the only adult that was there, he was an openly gay male.He turned and pulled a Bowie knife from his belt, I put up my hands and apologized.He then spin and throw the knife hitting one of the kids, climbing on a the back, shouting,"i told you to stay off my buildings".I then walked away.End of night two.
NIGHT THREE--PART THREE--It started as I was walking away, the entire area became pitch black.I was tired and started to look for a place to sleep.I found a door and opened it, the room I enter was also pitch black, every step I took I trip over a mat with someone sleeping on it.someone hollowed,"what do you think you're doing here".I said,"looking for a place to sleep."I was answered by someone telling me to get out, that I don't belong there.I left.End of night three.
NIGHT FOUR--PART FOUR--It started as i left the dark house and came back into the street.This time the street was empty.I noticed a light off in the distance ,so i went toward it.I came into a very large dome like building .that was empty except for a large bed off to one side.I looked around and could see,what looked like several empty tiers around the inside of the doom.I was still tired so i crawled into the bed.I was trying to get comfortable,when i realized i wasn't lone,there was a slim young lady lying in the front of the bed.We had just started to talk .when a security guard appeared on one of the tiers screaming,"they are in bed together".Within seconds the dome was cramped full of people.She pulled back the covers,revealing that she was fully dressed,got out of bed,the throng then parted,watching her as she left.I noticed a wheel chair ramp beside my side of the bed,so i jumped out of bed and followed it.End of night four.
NIGHT FIVE--- PART FIVE--As i walked down the ramp i came to a loading dock,jump down to a parking lot and walked towards another Victorian type house.By this time it is starting to get dark again,but not as dark as before.I entered the house by the back door,this door lead into a summer kitchen.Just inside the door leading outside was a door going upstairs.darkness had fallen by now,but i could still see enough to see the steps.I started upstairs,as i stepped on the first step ,i heard a very loud creak.fearing i would wake anybody asleep in the house,i tried to walk as softly as i could.It wasn't until i tried to take the third step ,that i realized i was floating.I floated up the stairs until i got to a bend at the top of the stairs where i stopped and looked around.I saw a hall way running the length of the upstairs,another hall way running the width,that lead into a third hallway running the length of the other side of the house.I floated across the top of the house to the far side hall way.I then saw a room with an open door,in this room there was a dresser with my favorite blanket on it and the only light i had seen on in the house.I stopped and hovered looking into the room.End of night five and the dream.
I have absolutely no idea what this dream was all about, too much pizza before bed, five nights in a row?? MAYBE, MAYBE NOT.A warning??A VISION OF HELL?? A message, from GOD, telling me I'm not as bad as I think I am??Just another set of question, with no answers.The format tells me, it is something I should remember, but why?????
They say you dream every night, maybe then a few nightmares, these are the only dreams I could remember.Some some of these were forecasts of up coming events.What the rest where I have no idea!!THIS last one has haunted me for many years.I HOPE THAT SOME DAY I'LL DISCOVER IT'S MEANING.