pt 16( b)--prison*-

Sentencing--There was four of us on the range awaiting sentencing, with bank robbery charges.One had seven counts--I had six--one had five and the last one had four.Two went to court on Mon.and came back with 120 months, the other one went on Tues and he came back with the same 120 months, Wed. was my day, I slept like a baby, Tues night, thinking I would end up with the same, but GOD had other plans, when the judge gave me 42 months I was speechless, in shock.
My last few weeks IN THE DON, there were several chapter presidents of, The Outlaw biker gang.on my range, because of my position as range cleaner I was able to get my hands on a lot of goods that were given to you in the detention centers,but you have to buy in the federal system.i was able to pass along to one of the fellows on his way to Joyceville,a lot of these goods.A fact that turned out to be a true live saver for me.The day I was transferred to Joyceville--(the ville), corrects Canada, tried to slip 150 protective custody(p.c.), inmates into the general population (POP.) because I didn't follow the normal path, no one knew me.that made me a target, because everybody, would think I was one of the p.c. inmates.I was checking out, yard when someone came up to me and told me I was wanted in the ice cream shop .when I got there-there was a banner , with a welcome home sign on it and my newspaper clipping was on the bulletin board, everyone then thought I was connected to the club.this provided me with the protection of the everyone knows, GOD would never use a biker gang to protect somebody ---RIGHT---SURE
JOYCEVILLE-This is how my stay started I'm not only a bank robber but also a biker gang member, for a brief period of time.One day a while later, I was asked to go and see the joint club president, he told me they had a major problem, that they were under investigation, around some illegal prison activity, and if kept seeing them I would be tagged as being a member of organized crime,but it was my choice, if I left it would be on good terms and I could call upon them at any time if I was in trouble.My way out.GOD will provide.The rest of my stay was highlighted by a series of events, some serious, some dangerous, some funny.and some just out of this world.The one that covers most of these areas happened in the kitchen, my workplace.I was sort of in charge of the veg. prep room, sort of because there is a law that states no inmate shall be in charge over another. My authority came from my fellow workers because I was giving orders, only suggestion and I would pass along my knowledge to anyone who wanted, which made the work easier, quicker and the kitchen stewards happier increasing the size of our little perks.On this day we were doing up a turnip, I used to flatten off the bottom, cut it in half, slice it into thin slices, all with a french knife, then with a paring knife peel the rind off.I kept the paring knife in my back pocket.i was show a new load how it was done, not watching what I was doing, my thumb on the hand on the back of the blade got caught under the blade nearly severing the top of my thumb.i brought this to the attention of the staff.They called the in-house hospital, I then was taken around all the security devices straight up to the infirmary.It took a long time for the medical staff to finally get the bleeding stopped, after which they wanted to stay far a while under observation because of the heavy blood loss.around the time the kitchen was about to close, I got a phone call.,extremely rare.the head Steward asked me if I forgot something, then it hit me, I still had the knife in my back pocket The most serious nonviolent crime inside.not only that I had gotten through three checkpoints, without being patted down.If discovered a lot of heads would roll and I was looking at another five years.I was assured, that no one thought I did this on purpose and that there was a way out.i had to refuse observation time and request an escort back to the kitchen.I did and a lot of doors I didn't know existed just opened and I was able to get back to the kitchen with very little fanfare.GOD not only had my back that day but everybody else.all it would have taken was one out of many not to turn a blind an blind eye, to prisoner walking in a restricted area.The rest of my stay was filled with many ups and downs, too many to recount here, these events earned me the nickname,(the luckiest man alive").The morning of my release I actually slept in.I finally made my way to the property room, because I was late, the area was filled with one of the ranges getting their monthly supply of oral hygiene produces, in a room next to the property room.After I exchanged my prison issue for my street clothes, I head for the admin building and freedom.The long hallway to the inside yard opened up into an open area that used to be a guard post, just after I reached this area someone or something hit me hard in the right kidney with enough force to turn my body ninety degrees, at this point i saw a vision.The vision was that of a room about four foot high filled with dense black smoke,i8n this smoke were many walking skeletons, their spines were curved in the shape of a cee.i was half in this room and half out, the part of me burning that was in the room could smell burning flesh.The part of me that was on the outside, felt the sun on my face, a light breeze in my hair and a smell of a spring morning.This was the strangest feeling I have ever experienced.I also had an overwhelming feeling of death.I knew if i completed the turn,to find out what or who had hit me i would die.I turned the other way and left the building,as i went into the inside yard,the sun was shining,there were a slight breeze and the smell of a spring morning was in the air, it was a typical May 30 th day.