OTHER PEOPLE--I'VE gotten basically three different reactions from people, when they find out about my record.--1--FEAR--This usually is manifested in a couple of ways, the most prevalent is simply by walking away or ignoring me and leaving as soon as they can, or by asking me to leave.The other way is insulting me, calling me names and saying something like (, you don't belong to decent folk).They believe once always.
--2- Is(",OK so what"),that was then,this is now
--3--Is--hero worship(,wow you robbed, how many banks"?),"wow I'm actually talking to a real live bank robber"),"you must be the man,with the most guts I've ever met",and in some cases",i wish I had the nerve to do that" or'" that must be the most exciting, adventurous,lifestyle,there is."?YEA ,SURE--always looking over your shoulder, every time you see a cop wondering if he is looking for you, ducking down at every time you hear a siren, avoiding people because you are afraid of letting something slip.REAL EXCITING!!IT WAS NOT MY IDEA OF FUN.
The most interesting thing I have found is that the entire crime spree, from start to finish only lasted less than five years,12% of my life and regardless what I had done before or will do after, I'll always be known as a bank robber.a criminal.a certain section of the population will always fear me, will always look down upon me.that is the true price I'll have to pay.