OVERDOSE-(-90) Tylenol 3's-(-60),--- 50 mil antidepressants-(-30-)-30 mil sleeping pills, washed them down with six bottles of beer.
I was in a coma from Fri at 1 pm to Tues at 2 pm, I woke up feeling like I had a good nights sleep, refreshed and sharp as a tack.NO SIDE EFFECTS WHAT SO EVER.Even in my angered state of mine, hating GOD, I had to admit I saw HIS hand in this.The more I learned about the events of those four days the more I had to admit that HE HAD SAVED ME, but why, I couldn't understand, that is when I first time I prayed,"LORD, please let me see me through YOUR eyes."IT WASN'T THE LAST!!The doctors told me, in their eyes I was gone twice.
Suicide attempt? I'm not sure, maybe.I'll leave that up to GOD to decide.I know I had slept three hours in the last seventy-two.I had worked a sixteen-hour shift, went and wrote a mature student exam, at Mohawk College, went home, grab three hours sleep, went in and started a forty hour shift.I had worked 118 hrs, from sat at 12:01 am until Fri at noon.By noon on Fri,.i didn't know where I was, my name or my address.The only thing I was told, by my wife, was that at one time when she came into ICU, I was flailing around so violently the nurses were afraid I would rip out all the IVS in my arm, it took them quite awhile and some bruises to get me restrained.The one nurse told my wife not to worry" because anyone in his condition that could fight that hard to live, was going to make it.Not even satan could stop him."I guess in some ways the strangest event told place Thur, afternoon, at my appointment with the (shrink)He asked me the first question,I didn't understand it so I hesitated,he got very angry ,and told me he was the doctor,then got up screaming ,that he was the doctor and started driving his fist into the top of his desk,his nurse rushed in, took him out, came back and told me to get out of her office, her hospital and never come back.So I did.